MIMK-069 Field Trip X Truth or Dare - Sora Shiina

Two female students, Kurumi Tamaki and Sora Shiina, are close friends. They both love two guys in class. That night, Sora Shiina invited her boyfriend back to her room to hang out with Kurumi Tamaki's boyfriend.

Four students in a room invited each other to play a quiz game, whoever lost would have to take off their clothes. One by one, each person was naked, without a piece of clothing on their body. Ironically, the two losers' punishment was to kiss each other.

Sora Shiina and Kurumi Tamaki's boyfriend are the losers. So their punishment starts with having to hug and kiss their best friend's lover.
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MIMK-069 Field Trip X Truth or Dare - Sora Shiina

groupsActress: Kurumi Tamaki, Sora Shiina
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